Heinrich Weidmann acquires the old water-powered town mill in Rapperswil, Switzerland and establishes a pressboard and cardboard factory. He starts supplying insulating materials to the still young electrical industry.
Incorporation of H. WEIDMANN AG, Switzerland. Begin production of electrical insulation components
First production of insulation components from calendered pressboard. In 1937, Hans Tschudi invents "Transformerboard" (hot press dried insulation board mainly used for transformers).
During the Second World War, when export of high voltage insulation collapses, WEIDMANN survives thanks to its booming Plastics Technology, producing components from rifle shafts to housings for the domestic telecommunications industry.
An important breakthrough in Electrical Technology is achieved by installing WEIDMANN'S first large size (3x6m) Transformerboard (T IV) machine in Rapperswil, Switzerland.
First 400 kV lead exit manufactured at WEIDMANN.
Procelis SA, Bourgoin-Jallieu, France (fabrication of insulation components), today WEIDMANN ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY S.A.S,  joins the WEIDMANN organization as Joint Venture/licensing partner and is finally acquired in 1976. Site was transformed into a conversion center in 2011.
EHV-Industries Inc. (today WEIDMANN ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY, INC.) in St. Johnsbury, VT, USA joins the WEIDMANN organization and will become the hub of ETBA's North American fabrication of transformerboard and insulation components/packages.

Start of Licensing Partnership with Honshu Paper (today Oji Specialty Paper Co. Ltd.), Japan (until 2006).
Foundation of Systems Sales Representatives, Inc. (later WEIDMANN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC.) in St. Johnsbury, VT, USA, as resale and sourcing company for transformer equipment and accessories.
Foundation of Weidmann do Brasil (today WEIDMANN TECNOLOGIA ELÉTRICA LTDA.) in Diadema SP, Brazil. (Fabrication of insulation components)
Takeover of Whiteley Ltd., (today WEIDMANN WHITELEY LTD.) Pool-in-Wharfedale, England, renowned for its paper specialties for electrical and non-electrical applications (e. g. calender bowl).
Successful testing of the first 1000 kV Faltenbalg and of the first 1000 KV lead exit system manufactured by WEIDMANN.

International expansion continued

Acquisition of WEIDMANN INDUSTRIES, LP in Fergus, ONT, Canada (fabrication of insulation components for the electrical equipment industry).

Foundation of Gallan & Associates, Strathfield/Sydney, Australia as ETBA sales office.

Representative office for WEIDMANN Electrical Technology established in Kiev, Ukraine.

First Asian sales office for WEIDMANN Electrical Technology established in Singapore.

Establishment of Izo-Prod d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia. Fabrication of insulation components.

Establishment of WEIDMANN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LTD., ETBA's sales and sourcing organization, in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

WEIDMANN Technical Services, Inc. is established in St. Johnsbury, VT, USA, later merged into WEIDMANN DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS INC.

First ETBA production site, TAIZHOU WEIDMANN HIGH VOLTAGE INSULATION SYSTEMS CO. LTD., established in Taizhou, Jiangsu, China, with a new production plant for Transformerboard.

Foundation of WEIDMANN TECHNOLOGIA ELÉTRICA DE MEXICO S.A., Saltillo, COAH, Mexico (fabrication of insulation components).

Malyn Paper Mill, (today JSC WEIDMANN MALYN PAPER MILL) large and renowned manufacturer of electrical and specialty papers in Malyn, Ukraine, joins the WEIDMANN organization. Establishment of the WEIDMANN Malyn Insulation Components production facility.


License contract with Govik, Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbay, India (fabrication of insulation components).

Acquisition of the US-Canadian transformer oil diagnostics and services group ACTI, Inc. (today WEIDMANN DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS INC.), with headquarters in Sacramento, CA and laboratories in Bensalem, PA, Indianapolis, IN, Houston, TX and Calgary, CAN.

Tecnidd, later renamed WEIDMANN ELECTRICAL INSULATION SYSTEMS (SHANGHAI) LTD., joins ETBA's Chinese resale organization.

Acquisition of Avery Dennison's Electrical Paper Division, Framingham, MA and O'Fallon, MI, USA (today WEIDMANN ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY INC.). Fabrication of specialty crepe and diamond dotted insulation paper.


Recent corporate development


Opening of an engineering office (WEIDMANN Technical Services) in Milano, Italy. Relocated to Chiasso, TI, Switzerland early 2008.

WEIDMANN diagnostic solutions acquires the former Siemens Burlington/Toronto, Canada laboratory. 

ETBA sales office established in Ansan, South Korea.

Opening of a WEIDMANN TECNOLOGIA ELÉTRICA LTDA. in Porto Alegre, Brazil. (Fabrication of insulating components). Closed in 2010.



Expansion of the Rapperswil, Switzerland transformerboard plant by second bay housing a new fransformerboard machine.


Opening of  new WEIDMANN Diagnostics Solutions laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA and Waukesha, WI, USA. 

WEIDMANN Tecnologia Elétrica moves from Diadema to Piracicaba, Brazil, into new production and office facilities shared with WEIDMANN TECNOLOGIA EM PLÁSTICOS LTDA.



Opening of a new WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA and Waukesha, WI, USA.

Inauguration of the expanded transformerboard plant in Rapperswil, Switzerland.


WEIDMANN takes over the GE Laboratories for Oil analysis in Denver, Colorado, USA; Burlington, Ontario, Canada and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.





Reopening of the Ennenda plant converted into an ETBA production facility for laminated board and milled parts.


Inauguration of ETBA's new production facility for specialized ultra high voltage insulation components in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China.


Acquisition and opening of new WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions laboratories in North Canton, OH, USA and Saltillo, Mexico.


Opening of a new fiber and board laboratory for ETBA in Rapperswil, Switzerland.


Opening of new WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions laboratory in Canton, MA, USA.