Angle Rings and Caps


Angle rings and caps are needed in the design of the end insulation of transformers. All voltages and dimensions can be covered by selecting the appropriate individual solution from WEIDMANN’s wide range of products. These include machine and hand moulded angle rings and caps, pressed sectors, drawn caps/angle rings, flexible crepe paper angle rings for distribution transformers and laminated crepe paper rings.


Field of Application

Angle rings form the barriers of the end of the windings. The products of this category offer a selection between sophisticated and economical solutions, both meeting the technical requirements.



Crepe paper angle rings for distribution transformers

“Flexible crepe angle rings“ are used in distribution transformers only. They are manufactured as reel material. They consist of four layers of crepe paper laminated with a special adhesive. WEIDMANN provides either 90 degree flexible crepe angles or creased laminated crepe paper rolls that are formed to its required shape during the production process of the transformer. 90 degree flexible crepe angles are available in thicknesses up to 1/8 " and leg widths up to 4 " per leg. As a standard, the laminated rolls are built with 4 layers of a 200% elongation crepe, giving an overall thickness of 1.5 mm. We supply them in widths from 18 mm with leg widths from 10 mm.


Drawn angle rings and caps

Drawn caps/angle rings are produced for small transformers as well as for various specific insulation purposes such as protections for metal nuts, etc. This product is manufactured in a specific mould for each dimension and is most appropriate in large production quantities as a standardized product for a certain dimension.


Hand moulded angle rings and caps

The whole range of dimensions can be produced with specific moulds. This allows an unlimited range of all dimensions. Hand moulded angle rings are fabricated from wet sheet material. They can be combined with snouts for high voltage lead exits.


Machine moulded angle rings and caps

360° blanks can be produced for a wide range of diameters. Machine moulded angle rings and caps are fabricated from mouldable sheet material.


Pressed angle ring and cap sectors

Pressed sectors are fabricated semi-automatically from wet sheet material. This product covers the range of larger diameters. Due to the specific properties of the material and the moulds, a wide range of edge radii can be offered.