Cellulose Based Components

Insulation components made from cellulose based Transformerboard meet the high requirements for the use in electric apparatus. WEIDMANN offers a full range of solid insulation for power and distribution transformers. The elements are available as economical standards or also as tailor-made solutions. They are manufactured in various processes from dry or wet sheet material and if necessary combined with selected other components. Moreover, WEIDMANN also offers preassembled winding packages.

Field of Application
These components form barriers in the oil-cellulose insulation structure of power and distribution transformers. The possibility to shape the elements according to the specific electrical field patterns offers an opportunity to build an ideal insulation which helps to reduce the size of the unit and therefore saves the amount of material required.


Angle Rings and Caps
Clamping Rings
Edge Protection Rings
End Rings
Fixation Elements
Lead Exit Systems
Shieldings Elements
Snouts and Flange Tubes
Spacing Elements
Winding Package