Cellulose Based Paper


WEIDMANN produces cellulose and cotton based papers on a variety of machines, each designed to produce paper in a defined thickness with characteristics that match its application requirements. The range includes insulating papers and presspapers as well as most of the known processing steps such as creping, coating (diamond dot (DDP), diamond pattern (DPP) respectively), laminating, slitting, cuffing, punching, creasing and the production of tubes.

The variety runs from papers with thicknesses as thin as 12 microns up to thicknesses of 1 mm  (0.05 mils to 0.040"), with densities from 0.70 g/cm³ to 1.30 g/cm³ that could be supplied in master roll widths of up to 3400 mm (134") or as slitted tapes of only 3 mm (1/8").

Field of Application

Papers are used in power and distribution transformers, current transformers, bushings, cables and transposed cables but also in motor and generation equipment.



Crepe Paper
Insulation Paper
Presspaper in reels