Cellulose Based Board

Transformerboard was developed as the base insulating material for power transformers. The name Transformerboard was marked by WEIDMANN and has now become a general term for cellulose based insulating material of highest quality. The use of unbleached kraft pulp as raw material in pure water constitutes the basis of Transformerboard. The latest paper and fiber machine technology along with process control systems safeguard the whole manufacturing process chain from preparation of the pulp to forming and drying of the sheet material. Inline control devices, including a highly sensitive metal detector measure every single sheet.

Field of Application
Transformerboard is used as base insulating material in power, distribution and special transformers. Cut to the requested size, Transformerboard is the base material for components like cyclinders, strips, spacers, rings, washers, plates, machine formed and shaped parts, punchings and laminates. Multiple methods like sawing, punching, planing, sanding, milling, routing, bending and glueing for processing Transformerboard to components can be mentioned. Having control over the many steps of the whole process chain from unbleached Kraft pulp to components is advantageous in respect to product quality, customized solutions and creating value in the field of application: insulation of high voltage transformers.


Hot-Press-Dried Board
Calendered Board
Laminated Board
Shapeable Board