WEIDMANN is known as the global leader in electrical insulation for transformer manufacturers and companies operating transformers. WEIDMANN's core competence is the development and production of tailor-made solutions for cellulose based insulation systems. We also offer expertise and products for high-temperature applications like locomotive and wind turbine transformers.

WEIDMANN's Research & Development has always been a key driver for our leading position of Board, Component and Paper manufacturing. Our deep and broad know-how concerning material properties, application needs, processing methods and failure analysis allows us to develop best-fit WEIDMANN solutions for enhanced transformer performance and reduced total cost of ownership. Check out WEIDMANN's wide range of Technology Services.

Outside of the electrical industry WEIDMANN's Paper manufacturing competence has been widely used to develop innovative solutions for different industries, ranging from packaging to textile and paper converting. Take a look at Industrial Papers. "Made by WEIDMANN" means top-quality - there is no compromise on that. WEIDMANN goes beyond international standards. We ensure superior quality control along the entire supply chain.