Crepe Paper

WEIDMANN produces crepe papers for electrical applications in our mills in Urbana, OH USA and Rapperswil CH. WEIDMANN manufactures according to international specifications but also as the result of tailor made developments, realized in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers.
The requirements of these applications lead to a lot of different characteristics such as thermally upgraded, calendered, low power factor, coarse, multilayer, 2-way stretch, red tint, etc.
Crepe papers are produced from base papers weighing 25-180 g/m2 (15 -111 lbs/ream) and have an elongation of between 15 to 300%. They are available in master rolls of up 2500 mm (98") and in slit width in a big variety of customer specified inside and outside diameters.  Some of the grades are also traverse wound.

Field of Appliccation
Creped Papers are ideally suited to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces where a proper insulation can not be reached with flat papers. Specialities were developed for applications as magnet wire insulation, as layer insulation, in current transformers, in RIP bushings or as shielding material.


These grades are usually the most cost effective products for any application where crepe paper is needed. They are suitable and popular for manual applications in any kind of electrical equipment.

Aluminium Crepe
Aluminium has optimal shielding characteristics but by itself has poor tensile strength. Laminated with insulating paper and creped it is the perfect shielding material and widely used in stress rings.

Calendered crepe papers are used where the application requires a tight thickness tolerance. They are available made of standard grade base papers but of high density base papers as well.

High Density
Strong high density base papers build the basis for the production of crepe papers with the highest available tensile strength. They are the preferred product when a solid and tough insulation is required.

WEIDMANN produces multilayer products in calendered or laminated versions. The higher build of the products usually helps to improve production processes and manufacturing time.

Semi-conductive crepe papers are used to screen cable joints and for screening in current transformers.

Super Calendered - Magnet Wire Crepe
Super calendered crepe papers have the density of a presspaper or calendered insulating paper but a much higher elongation and tensile strength which together result in extraordinary high edge tear resistance and tensile energy absorption. These characteristics allow highest production speeds and make these crepe grades the best choice as magnet wire insulation, for applications in transposed cables. In addition, even under high mechanical stress, the high tensile energy absorption prevents loosening of the insulation and protects against  mechanical damage from outside.

2-way Stretch
Flexible cables in power transformers, insulated with this product, demonstrate greatly enhanced flexibility. Such cables can be bent and twisted without tearing or loosening the insulation and thus significant cost in rework is saved.