Design Evaluation and Technical Assistance

WEIDMANN Technology Services is supporting the electrical industry with insulation engineering, electromagnetic-thermal studies and design review.

WEIDMANN has extensive capability for finite element modeling (FEM), enabling our engineers to accurately simulate windings, insulation systems and complete transformers as well as other electric power apparatus.

Field of Application
Power and distribution transformer industry, transformer users (utilities and industrial users), motor and generator industry, manufacturing and repair of apparatus for transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

Service Offerings

Insulation Engineering and Design
Using modern 2D and 3D FEM software tools, WEIDMANN is assisting the industry of power transformers and other high-voltage equipment in the field of insulation engineering and design, insulation expertise and basic research as well as customizing insulation designs for the specific apparatus. WEIDMANN is focussed on two and three dimensional field calculation of AC, DC and polarity reversal problems by using our specific know-how and long experience in power transformer insulation technology.

Electromagnetic Thermal Studies
The 2D and 3D calculations of electromagnetic and thermal fields of transformers and other power apparatus, cover a wide range of investigations, such as losses and impedances, short circuit and energization forces, current distributions and tank heating. The main activity fields of electromagnetic thermal studies are:
  • Calculation of losses in windings, clamping structure, tank, magnetic shields and leads
  • Short circuit forces
  • Distribution of currents, losses and temperature rise in high current (>15 kA) windings (usually found in converter and furnace transformers)
  • Losses with/without harmonic currents
  • 3D temperature distribution on tanks

Besides transformer manufacturers and transformer end users, WEIDMANN customers encompass the bushing and cable manufacturer industry.

Design Review
This service comprises complete or partial review of power transformer designs, including specification, design, testing, quality assurance. Support is provided in problem solving of dielectric issues (partial discharge, breakdown), losses exceeding the specification, overheating phenomena in windings, shields, tanks etc.