Fixation Elements

Field of Application
WEIDMANN offers a wide range of fixation elements to attach leads at the active part structure of power and distribution transformers. Depending on the requirement a tap lead frame can be assembled using the following elements.  


Angle rails
Angle rails are an ideal base for a lead frame in a power transformer or can be used to connect support frames. Angle rails are laminated from Transformerboard TIV. A number of standard sizes are offered. Depending on the customer requirement holes or slots can be milled.

Filament-reinforced Paper Tapes
Tapes are used to fix conductors and tighten coils of transformers, motors and generators. Reinforced paper tapes are widely used in transformers since they impregnate easily and thus are not susceptible to the risk of voids and air inclusions. Filament-reinforced paper tapes are available with imbedded glass fibers and synthetic fibers (rayon).

The diamond dotted version with polyester fibers, shrinking at elevated temperatures during the drying process, ensures additional tightening of the coils. All tapes are available in rolls of 100 m to 200 m length.

Laminated Clamps
Laminated clamps are used for various purposes in power transformers, e.g. fixation of oil tubes or even lead exits. Laminated clamps are manufactured from Transformerboard TIV according to customer specification.

Perforated Beams
Perforated beams are an ideal base for a lead frame in a power transformer. Beams with holes are milled from laminated Transformerboard TIV.

Threaded Rods and Nuts
Threaded rods and nuts made of Transformerboard TIV are used for the connection of various components. These elements are made of Transformerboard TIV and are applicable for electrical fields under comparable high stress.

U-channels are used as protection of leads in the tank. They are manufactured according to customer drawings.