Inorganic Board

Under an agreement with Innovative Paper Technologies, LLC, WEIDMANN offers a variety of products for the dry type transformer and motor/generator markets. These offerings are available in selected geographic locations. The IPT products are manufactured from inorganic materials (mostly glass- and microfibers as well as inorganic fillers) with less than 10% organic binders. They are capable of long term performance at temperatures exceeding 250° C. Dimensional stability and low moisture absorption are additional outstanding features.

Field of application
Typical applications of IPT boards are in the form of cut to fit pieces, end fill, slot fill, and phase insulation for the high temperature requirements of dry type transformers, motors and generators.


CeQUIN® II is a two layer composite designed to provide thicker stock for applications such as barrier and end filler insulations. The thicknesses range from 0.76 mm to 1.5 mm. Presentation is in rolls 90 m²to 45 m² depending on the thickness of the material.

CeQUINBORD® CGA is a semi-rigid board product which is typically used in cut to fit sizes. In addition to the characteristics of thermal stability and low moisture absorption, CeQUINBORD® CGA can also be used in applications requiring flame retardant materials or where maximum resistance to flame burn-through is required. The thicknesses range from 0.8 mm to 6.4 mm. Standard sheet size is 1220 mm x 1220 mm.

CeQUIN® II and CeQUINBORD® CGA are registered trademarks of Innovative Paper Technologies, LLC.