Inorganic Paper

Under an agreement with Innovative Paper Technologies (IPT), LLC, WEIDMANN offers a variety of products for the dry type transformer and motor/generator markets. These offerings are available in selected regions. The IPT products are manufactured from inorganic materials (mostly glass fibers and microfibers, and inorganic fillers) with a few organic binders. They are capable of longterm performance at temperatures from sub-zero to more than 250 °C. Dimensional stability and low moisture absorption are other outstanding features. Plain IPT paper is available in type CeQuin®, a high inorganic content paper and in type TufQuin®, a hybrid of inorganic and organic paper.

Field of Application
Typical applications of IPT paper are ground, phase and inter-winding insulation for dry type transformer, voice coil insulation for loudspeakers, wire and cable wrap and coated paper for heat and/or pressure bonding application.


CeQuin® is IPT’s highest inorganic-content paper comprised primarily of glass fiber and microfibers, inorganic fillers, and less than 10% organic binder. CeQuin® is capable of longterm performance at operating temperatures up to 250 °C.

TufQuin® products are a hybrid of inorganic and organic paper based upon advanced manufacturing techniques. TufQuin® offers the high-temperature capabilities of inorganic materials combined with the high mechanical strength gained by the use of organic fibers.