Insulators and Terminations

The use of electrical equipment is dependent on a range of electrical insulators and terminations. Electrical insulators and termination devices are designed and tested to specific electrical industry standards. Therefore, the range and grade of products available is offered relative to those standards. In this field WEIDMANN offers insulator bodies, bulk, fluid filled and resin filled bushings, terminal blocks and barrier boards.

Field of Application
The products are used in distribution, power and regulator transformers as well as switchgears.


Barrier boards are typically used to transmit electrical energy between the core coil assembly and a load tap changer, each component placed in separate compartments.

Bulk Bushings
Bulk bushings are defined as insulator and electrical hardware, assembled without a dielectric fluid, typically used in distribution transformers and lower voltage ranges of power transformers.

Fluid filled Bushings
Fluid filled bushings are insulators and associated electrical hardware that are assembled with a dielectric fluid to complete the design and meet the ratings. Fluid filled bushings are typically used in medium and higher level ranges of distribution and power transformers.

Insulator Bodies
Insulator bodies, when assembled with specific electrical hardware, become bushings designed for specific ratings and applications. Insulators and electrical hardware are sold individually.


Resin filled Bushings
Resin impregnated bushings are a product manufactured with the electrical configuration encapsulated in a dielectric resin body. Resin impregnated bushings are typically used in higher ranges of distribution and the lower range of power transformers.

Terminal Blocks
Terminal blocks are used to transmit electrical energy through conductive materials; there is a large number of styles and number of contacts available.