Laminated Board


Laminating of hot-press-dried Transformerboard TIV will result in a higher thickness than 8.0 mm. The range of thickness of laminated Transformerboard TIV is from 9.0 mm to 120.0 mm. Laminated material is, like hot-press-dried Transformerboard TIV, dimensionally stable and offers highest mechanical and electrical strength. The adhesives in use are casein and polyester resin glues; casein is aqueous, polyester resin is non-aqueous.


The development and in-line installation of a highly sensitive metal detector guarantees board free from metallic particles.

Field of Application

Typical applications of laminated Transformerboard TIV are press rings, static rings, beams, clamping plates, support strips etc.



Transformerboard TIV / Laminated

Laminated Board is manufactured according to the IEC standard 60763-3-1, Types LB3.1.1 and 3.1.2 at the Rapperswil plant in Switzerland. The resins used are casein and polyester. Casein is an aqueous and polyester resin a non-aqueous glue. We strongly recommend polyester resin glue for thicknesses >30.0 mm. When using casein glue for a thickness >30.0 mm, cracks can appear due to the increased water content. The density of laminated Transformerboard TIV is a maximum of 1.30 g/cm³. The moisture content of Laminated board with casein glue averages 8%, Laminated board with polyester resin glue is controlled at 2% to 6%, depending on the requirements. Laminated board can be classified as a high-density material.

Transformerboard TX2

TX2 is manufactured at the St. Johnsbury plant in Vermont/USA. TX2 meets the requirements of IEC standard 60763-3-1, Type LB3.1.2. The resin used is polyester resin glue, the thickness ranges from 9.0 mm to 12.0 mm. The density of TX2 is a maximum of 1.30 g/cm³; the moisture content is controlled at less than 3.0%. TX2 can be classified as a high-density material.