Electrical Market

Power and Distribution Transformer Manufacturers, Utilities, Industrial Transformer Users,  Bushing and Cable Manufacturers as well as the Motor and Generator Industry rely on WEIDMANN high quality products and services globally.

If you are looking for a suitable insulation solution for oil-, special fluid- or gas-filled and dry type transformers designed as Core or Shell Type for distribution or power applications - WEIDMANN has answers for you. The same applies to your needs to enhance transformer performance.

WEIDMANN delivers best-fit solutions for transformers, large or small, for cellulose based insulation applications. WEIDMANN solutions are also available for the high temperature applications as used in locomotive, wind turbine and heavily loaded transformers.

To complement these efforts, our Technology Services department offers comprehensive support and design assistance as well as sophisticated WEIDMANN Engineering Solutions which will optimize your transformer and insulation performance as well as minimize failure risks.