Products and Services

WEIDMANN delivers the best-fit insulation solutions, ranging from Board and Paper to customized Components, regardless of the degree of complexity your applications require. You have the choice between cellulose based solutions or products for high-temperature applications. Ready-to-use WEIDMANN transformer kits and packages will cut down your manufacturing cycle time and reduce operating costs significantly.
WEIDMANN's customers around the world, such as Power and Distribution Transformer Manufacturers, Utilities, Bushing and Cable Manufacturers as well as the Motor and Generator Industry rely on WEIDMANN's high quality Products & Services.

Based on our broad business knowledge, WEIDMANN is proud to offer in-depth technical support and design assistance as well as sophisticated Engineering Solutions to enhance your transformer performance. WEIDMANN's expertise about transformer aging processes is well known. Take a look at our Technology Services.

Selected complementary products, such as Transformer Accessories and equipment, ranging from on-line monitoring systems to transformer production machinery, complete our product range.

WEIDMANN's Board and Paper manufacturing competence has been widely applied to different industries. For innovative new products, take a look at Industrial Paper.