Overview Transformer Accessories

WEIDMANN has established strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of transformer related accessories, products and systems in the fields of controls and instrumentation, fluid management, insulators and terminations as well as regulation and protection. In line with our partners, we are committed to continously enhance our products and systems. Correspondingly, WEIDMANN provides best-in-class supply logistics, streamlined according to our customers’ requirements.

Field of Application
WEIDMANN's customers are electrical equipment manufacturers, end users / owners and operators of electrical equipment and non-electrical industrials. WEIDMANN products and systems are used by the following manufacturers: power transformers, distribution transformers, instrument transformers, regulator transformers, traction transformers, bushings and cables, motors and generators as well as electrical switchgear.



Controls and Instrumentation
Fluid Management
Insulators and Terminations
Regulation and Protection
Other Accessories