Regulation & Protection

Regulation and protection devices provide either alternative ratings through the selection of tap changer positions, or protection of the electrical equipment from network disturbances. In this field WEIDMANN offers tap changers, circuit breakers, arresters and fuses as well as positive pressure systems.

Field of Application
The products are used in the power and distribution transformer industry.



Arresters and Fuses
Arresters and fuses offer single use protection for electrical equipment. The arrester or fuse opens breaking the electrical circuit and must be replaced after the disturbance is cleared.

Circuit Breakers
Circuit breakers offer multiple use protection for electrical equipment. Actuating the main switch, interrupts the electrical circuit but may be reset after the disturbance is cleared.


Positive Pressure Systems
Positive pressure systems maintain the head space above the core coil assembly and below the transformer case cover through the maintenance of an inert gas. The inert gas prevents moisture and oxygen from entering into the dielectric fluid and degrading the insulation systems.

Tap Changers
Tap changers provide the operational flexibility by permitting several output ratings. They are generally segregated into on-load and no-load applications. On-load tap changers are a transformer specific engineered application and are primarily used with the larger power transformers as a means of adjusting to load demand. Through the use of optional accessories, load tap changers can provide automatic tap changing functions. No-Load tap changers are more standardized and are used in small power and distribution transformers. WEIDMANN can provide a number of linear and rotary designed load and no-load tap changers.