Shapeable Board

In addition to precompressed (hot-press-dried) and calendered board, WEIDMANN manufactures shapeable board with the brand name Transformerboard TIII. Similar to the manufacturing processes for hot-press-dried and calendered Transformerboard, unbleached Kraft pulp along with pure water constitutes the basis of Transformerboard TIII. The installation of process control systems safeguards the whole process chain from preparation of the pulp to the wet end and hot-air-dryer oven of the board machine. The development and in-line installation of a highly sensitive metal detector guarantees board free from metallic particles.

Field of Application
Typical applications of shapeable Transformerboard are in the form of tightly curved pieces like tubes and folded pieces in power, distribution and special transformers.


Transformerboard TIII is manufactured in the Rapperswil plant in Switzerland according to the standards of IEC 60641-3-1, type B 4.1. The achieved density for Transformerboard TIII is 0.90 g/cm³; the range of thickness 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm. Transformerboard TIII can be classified as a low-density material.