Shielding Elements

The following solutions are offered for any kind of shielding needs.
  • Shield rings
  • Open tapered shield ring
  • Closed, wound metalized shield rings
  • Flexible core shields and yoke shields

Field of Application
Shielding elements are used to define areas of uniform electrical potential at the end of the winding, around the magnetic core or in some cases within windings.


Core Shields / Yoke Shields
Flexible shields provide an economical means of electrostatic shielding around magnetic cores and inside winding structures. Moreover, center terminal exits through the tap winding can be shielded. Flexible shields are used in power and traction transformers. With these shields, the conductive layer is bonded between two Transformerboard TIV boards under high pressure. Because of this strong construction, the metal layer is effectively protected against mechanical damage.

Closed, Wound Metalized Shield Ring
Metalized shield rings control and smooth the electrical field at the axial winding ends of power transformers. They generally consist of a hard core of Transformerboard TIV covered with a layer of metal-foil tape. The outer insulating layer of the metalized shield ring consists of crepe paper tightly wrapped around the ring by machine.

Open, Wound Tapered End Compensating Ring (Core Wound)
Metalized shield rings control and smooth the electrical field at the helical winding ends of power transformers. Wound, metalized tapered end rings are used for spiral windings (often regulating windings) to compensate for axial length.