Rigid or flexible, made from paper or from Transformerboard, tubes are used for a wide field of applications in power transformers as well as distribution transformers.

Field of Application
The use of tubes can vary as widely as the many forms of these elements. They can be used to guide oil in a transformer, to insulate conductors or even to take the form of a winding cylinder.


Tubes and Corrugated Tubes (made of wet sheet)
Tubes are used for the insulation of leads, traction rods or for guiding the flow of oil in the tank. The various purposes require various different shapes, such as: straight, S- or T-shaped. A wide range of dimensions is possible.
Tubes and corrugated tubes are moulded from wet sheet. Certain diameters are produced as standard parts. In addition, flexible connections can be made with corrugated tubes that are also produced in several standard dimensions.

Crepe Paper Tubes
The main application of crepe paper tubes is to insulate conductors but they are also suitable to build oil guides.
In metric dimensions we provide crepe tubes with a minimum inside diameter of 2 mm, a minimum wall thickness of 0.50 mm and a maximum length of 1828 mm. In imperial dimensions, the minimum inside diameter is 3/16", the minimum wall thickness is 1/32", and the standard length is 6 feet (1828 m).

Wound paper tubes
Paper tubes usually insulate conductors but with big inside diameter and wall thickness they also serve as winding cylinders in distribution transformers. Depending on the apparatus involved tubes made of different raw materials are required.
WEIDMANN provides tubes made of insulating paper, diamond dotted paper and bakelite paper (phenolic resin/paper combination) in all diameters required.