Creating network resilience with Weidmann Electrical Insulation Technology


With over 2,000,000 oil samples analyzed globally, combine diagnostics with Weidmann Knowledge Services to better manage your transformer fleet


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Monitor, control and protect your key assets

Welcome to Weidmann Electrical Technology

Weidmann has been at the heart of the global transformer industry for over 140 years. With deep rooted knowledge in the design, development and operation of transformers, Weidmann is a leading integrated solutions provider for specialized product and services in the energy sector. Working closely with our customers, Weidmann continues to lead the global market delivering high quality, innovative product and service solutions.

Welcome to Weidmann Electrical Technology

Weidmann Electrical Technology have been at the heart of the global transformer industry for over 140 years.

moreInsulation Technology

Insulation Technology

Creating network resilience with Weidmann Electrical Insulation Technology

moreMonitoring & Diagnostics

Monitoring & Diagnostics

The future of transformer monitoring today with Weidmann SmartInsulation™

moreWeidmann Knowledge Services

Weidmann Knowledge Services

Utilizing Weidmann Knowledge Services to avoid transformer failures at renewable energy plants

moreTransformer Accessories

Transformer Accessories

Monitor, control and protect your key assets

Join Weidmann at Coil Winding 2018Join Weidmann at Coil Winding 2018
18 June 2018
Join Weidmann at Coil Winding 2018

Join Weidmann at CWIEME 2018 Berlin at Hall 4.2, booth F10!

InsuLogix® VAULT - Transformer Monitor/Sensor IntegratorInsuLogix® VAULT - Transformer Monitor/Sensor Integrator
14 June 2018
InsuLogix® VAULT - Transformer Monitor/Sensor Integrator

Understand more about our InsuLogix® VAULT: a secure transformer lifecycle management system!

100 Years of IEEE PES Transformers Committee Celebration100 Years of IEEE PES Transformers Committee Celebration
27 April 2018
100 Years of IEEE PES Transformers Committee Celebration

Understand more about IEEE PES Transformers Committee and the achievements of the Weidmann members.

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29 October - 1 November 2018
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Explore product and service applications

As a leading integrated solutions provider, Weidmann successfully combines our know-how and experience to offer products and services to a wide range of energy related industries and applications, bringing together class leading specialized products and services, combined with Weidmann expertise.

Power Transformers

Power transformers are the backbone of the energy network. Required to operate without interruption for many years, they have a direct impact on reliability and profitability of the operator. Weidmann has supplied insulation and component solutions for more than 80% of power transformers that are in operation around the world today. As a trusted integrated solution supplier to the worlds leading transformer manufactures, we offer a complete range of products for use in the power transformer sector.

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are high in volume, can vary greatly depending on the application, and often provide the last step between the network and end consumer.  They require high levels of reliability and efficiency, with the flexibility to provide consumers with a high quality supply, often within the most challenging environmental and technical parameters. Weidmann is a trusted supplier to the distribution market, involved in a wide range of activities across our full product and services portfolio.

Instrument Transformers

Transforming voltage and currents into measureable values, instrument transformers are relied upon for safe and efficient operation of the electricity network. Required to provide highly accurate data in order to protect and verify revenues, instrument transformers are expected to be highly reliable and operate without fault, often for more than 25 years.  Weidmann has long been a trusted supplier to instrument transformer manufacturers around the world.


In recent years it is clear that renewable energy is no longer considered ‘alternative’ but rather a key part of our energy generation system. Whether in the generation plant itself, or connection of renewable plants into the grid, new challenges are faced on a regular basis. Weidmann has a range of solutions to support the renewable energy sector, whether it relates to a compact transformer design using our Weidmann Knowledge Services and Insulation Technology, or the need to better understand the performance of assets with Monitoring and Diagnostics, Weidmann has a solution.

Traction Transformers

With additional complexities often related to size and fluctuating loads, transformers supplied to the railway industry require special attention. Collaborating with DuPont, Weidmann are the leading supplier of Nomex® high temperature thermal insulating technology for traction transformers. Working with the largest suppliers of transportation solutions in the world, our insulation technology and Weidmann Knowledge Services Traction specialists work to ensure mass transportation achieves high levels of efficiency and reliability, while meeting global regulations.

Bushings, Cables & Other Applications

Weidmann products and services fit many additional applications within the power sector. Bushings and cables can be a weak point of any power delivery system if they are not produced to the highest quality and standards. Many international bodies report that bushing failures lead to between 10% and 30% of all power transformer failures globally. High quality Weidmann solutions help in increasing reliability, efficiency, and longevity of these additional components.

Products & Services

Explore products and services

Discover how Weidmann’s products and services portfolio provides class leading solutions across the energy sector. Through continued development and focus on reliability, efficiency and improvement, our product and service offering provides the latest innovations to create the best possible solutions for our customers.

Insulation Technology

As the world leading supplier of Insulation Technology for key applications in the energy sector, Weidmann provides the widest product portfolio, combining innovation, experience and know-how to deliver Transformerboard, Paper and Component solutions for use in power, distribution and instrument transformers along with other sector applications such as bushings and tap changers. Weidmann are the only Insulation Technology supplier with a true global manufacturing footprint that enables us to provide the highest quality insulation products wherever you are in the world.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

For transformer operators, understanding the health and condition of your key assets is critical to maintain power quality and reliability of supply. Weidmann Monitoring and Diagnostic solutions provides critical data not only to better manage your transformer assets but also improve efficiency, extend life and increase performance. With over a century of experience and technical expertise in transformer insulation and diagnostics Weidmann are uniquely placed to deliver first class global solutions offering a range of monitors, sensors, software platforms and diagnostic laboratory services.

Weidmann Knowledge Services

Often constraints whether it be time, resources or expertise limit our ability to meet project objectives and corporate goals. Weidmann Knowledge Services provides the expertise exactly where and when you need them to support these initiatives. Whether it be a deep technical analysis by our expert engineers or a training session to improve internal knowledge in key areas  Weidmann Knowledge Services have a global network of Engineers and Professionals to support your needs.

Transformer Accessories

Weidmann has established strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of transformer related accessories, products and systems in the fields of controls and instrumentation, fluid management, insulators and terminations as well as regulation and protection. In line with our partners, we are committed to continously enhance our products and systems. Correspondingly, Weidmann provides best-in-class supply logistics, streamlined according to our customers’ requirements.