Optimum Performance Monitoring™

Remote Transformer Condition Monitoring – Optimizing Transformer Life

Weidmann’s Optimum Performance Monitoring™ (OPM) software is a suite of Remote Transformer Condition Monitoring Applications designed to monitor and evaluate the transformer performance health assessment status of transformers operating on the grid.  This program is embedded in the InsuLogix® VAULT and is web-enabled.  OPM™ features a suite of applications that provide the transformer operator with real-time actionable information needed in the day-to-day decision making required to effectively and efficiently manage the grid.


  • Data acquisition, recording, processing and distribution
  • Dashboard visualisation of key analytics
  • Transformer health status monitored and assessed using unique diagnostic algorithms
  • Predict/Simulate/Verify impacts of loading scenarios in real-time using on-line sensor/monitor data or as a desktop console tool using design, heat run and nameplate data
  • Calculates transformer loading margins and optimal temperature and loading combinations to optimize utilization and minimize loss-of-life

Transformer Condition Monitoring

Quantifying a transformer’s health status has become a key requirement of Asset Managers. Health status can be viewed differently depending on what is driving the need for this information. Whether it’s the utility engineer interested in an immediate understanding of the health status of an individual asset or the asset manager interested in the long-term fleet view of failure rates and risk, Weidmann’s InsuLogix® VAULT Optimum Performance Monitoring™ software is designed to provide health status using Weidmann proprietary diagnostics, industry standards, and/or client specific parameters.

Transformer Optimum Load Monitoring (eNamePlate™)

Optimizing Transformer Life, Loading and Performance
T&D operations and asset managers need to make quantifiable decisions on loading the power and substation transformers on their system – during normal or emergency conditions, for winter and summer temperatures, and depending on load cycle and criticality.  Information is needed to support key decision making factors such as N minus one redundancy, equipment utilization rate, capital investment, age, health, failure rate, risk and maintenance expense.  Weidmann’s Optimum Performance Monitoring™ software suite of products are designed to provide actionable information in near-real time using our unique monitors and sensors.

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